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The E1800 With Scheduling and Sub Area Function and WiFi Connect

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    • One charge coverage 700m2
    • * Overall working capacity is 1800m2
    • 6.6Ah battery
    • The Area Function is to allow you to pre-program an area to mow, for example a front or back yard.
    • Scheduling Function, pre-program the mower cutting schedule
    • The robot mower works in a random pattern until it finds grass that needs cutting it will then concentrate on these areas.
    • This is a Mulching mower so no more grass clippings to throw away, and its much better for your lawn.
    • Blade height adjustment through the touch screen
    • Works up to a 30 Degree slope
    • When the mower is finished or low on battery power it automatically returns the the base station to recharge.
    • Wifi connection for control with your mobile phone or tablet.
    • Android and iPhone compatible.

The E1800 Specifications:

      • Lift, Tilt, Touch, Bump and Rain sensors.
      • Scheduling
      • Sub Area Function
      • Range Function
      • Electronic blade height adjustment
      • Auto Recharge
      • Smart Cutting Function
      • Gyroscope for straight running on slopes
      • Language Selection
      • 18 month warranty
    • * Overall working capacity can be affected by obstacles like buildings and trees.

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